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ZephyrEye: Source Code

5 February 2010 2 comments

To lead up to further descriptions about the firmware, and in order to be qualify for invitation to bodacious Silicon Valley parties, I thought it would be good to release the CAD files and code.  Everything on this project is being released under the BSD license.

The code can be found on Google Code under the project name zephyreye.  Feel free to check it out.  It will likely undergo massive changes as the code is ported to GCC, but the original BASCOM-AVR code will also remain a branch for both reference and for the BASCOM community if anyone wants to hack it up, reference the code, or continue ZephyrEye development in Basic.

If anyone does proceed working on the Basic code, it needs cleaning up and most likely a thorough overhaul as I didn’t originally plan this as a collaborative project.  There is no GCC code yet – I’ll get started on some as my other responsibilities allow.

The CAD files are in EagleCAD format.  EagleCAD is nice and handy because, even though it’s not open source, it does run natively on Linux, Windows, and even Mac.  The CAD files also need some cleanup, and in order to get a version of the ZephyrEye that actually would be usable and durable in a paintball match, there will need to be a revision change because:

  • The current hardware construction would be demolished by a direct paintball hit
  • A few of the components need to be replaced for different parts to meet the specs better.

So there you have it.  Feel free to join the project on Google Code, I think there’s a lot of potential for this fun little project.  Also feel free to branch this project if you see other uses for the hardware: cat tracker, robot remote control, whatever!

Now that the code is posted, it will be a little easier to dive into hacking into the code.  Over the next few posts I will start describe the lower level functionality to aid anyone attempting to port it, and also to help anyone looking to use these components to understand them better.