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Catch up…

13 April 2010 3 comments

Looks like it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but not to fear – my projects never cease.  In fact, they seem to spread faster than lice on Kashyyyk.  Here’s what I’m up to right now, and what’s coming up for those of you who have been following the ZephyrEye project.

First, here’s what I “have” to be working on right now.  I’ve enrolled in the ME414 “Mechatronics” class here at OSU, where interdisciplinary groups of three CS, ECE, and ME students have to put together a checker playing robot.  Seriously!  It has to autonomously play checkers not only against humans, but other robots.  At the expense of my other relatively boring classes, this one gets most of my spare time.  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s coming, as there’s some overlap with other projects – in particular, I’ll be using the XMega controller on this project and I’ll be posting some tips on how to get started (as I’m figuring it out, no less ;).

Back to the ZephyrEye.  I’m currently working on the project with a kit manufacturer and we’re making good progress.  No promises of any kind, but I’m currently estimating they will be on shelves by this summer.  Oh, the heaps of gold I could have made if only I hadn’t open sourced this project ;).  Can’t wait to start coding this sucker up, make sure and sign up for the Google Code project if you’re interested in helping out!

Hopefully my summer schedule lets me work on the project!  It’s getting full.  I’ve landed an exciting internship at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, so I’ll be racking up frequent flier miles going cross-country to Pittsburgh.  Exciting stuff, I get to work with and get to know some crazy smart people who design bleeding edge robots.  I’ll be looking for the secret to the universe in the bookshelves, for sure …

And, the missus and I are expecting baby #2 in September.  Yay!

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My name is Brad Nelson.  I’ve been working on electronics ever since I blew up my  Basic Stamp II Dec 25th, 1999 at the age of 16.  It was a very confusing day.  The purpose of this blog is to prove I’ve learned (albeit mostly from mistakes) over the years, and as evidence I’ll share some electronic projects.  At first, the projects will be  a bit older, but as I catch up into real time I’ll share more on current projects, and sprinkle in an occasional humorous or interesting post.

My station in life at this moment is … busy.  I’ll list my habits in order of priority:

  • I’m married to my wife Angie of three and a half years, and we have a 19 month old son Jason Kai.  Family’s everything.  I love ’em to pieces.  However, on the blog, Angie will be frequently referred to as “upper management”, and Jason as the neighborhood bully.
  • I’m an electrical and computer engineering student at Oregon State University.  If I start spouting incessantly about filters and transforms, it’s probably near finals week.
  • I work at a company called Skip-Line, Inc., where I make the dough that buys the bread that feeds the fam.  It’s a great job – I get to design electronic products for the road construction industry.  I was mostly trained on the job, which means I got to fry the first rounds of lots of fun ICs and modules and put it on the company tab!
  • I’m also starting a robotics company.  This is a modern form of purifying masochism…

I’ll be posting whenever I get a free moment.  My humor is dry, lame, and might make you cry, but if you like it can stand it, make sure to subscribe!