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My name is Brad Nelson.  I’ve been working on electronics ever since I blew up my  Basic Stamp II Dec 25th, 1999 at the age of 16.  It was a very confusing day.  The purpose of this blog is to prove I’ve learned (albeit mostly from mistakes) over the years, and as evidence I’ll share some electronic projects.  At first, the projects will be  a bit older, but as I catch up into real time I’ll share more on current projects, and sprinkle in an occasional humorous or interesting post.

My station in life at this moment is … busy.  I’ll list my habits in order of priority:

  • I’m married to my wife Angie of three and a half years, and we have a 19 month old son Jason Kai.  Family’s everything.  I love ’em to pieces.  However, on the blog, Angie will be frequently referred to as “upper management”, and Jason as the neighborhood bully.
  • I’m an electrical and computer engineering student at Oregon State University.  If I start spouting incessantly about filters and transforms, it’s probably near finals week.
  • I work at a company called Skip-Line, Inc., where I make the dough that buys the bread that feeds the fam.  It’s a great job – I get to design electronic products for the road construction industry.  I was mostly trained on the job, which means I got to fry the first rounds of lots of fun ICs and modules and put it on the company tab!
  • I’m also starting a robotics company.  This is a modern form of purifying masochism…

I’ll be posting whenever I get a free moment.  My humor is dry, lame, and might make you cry, but if you like it can stand it, make sure to subscribe!