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FIX: Include error in Eclipse after upgrading GCC

Just writing a quick post today. I’ve had an error for quite a while that’s been bugging me, and I finally got around to figuring out how to fix it. It’s kind of like when your copilot gets fleas – it bugs you, but sometimes you just deal with it because of more pressing issues.

I was trying to work around a problem a while back that I though would be fixed by upgrading the version of AVR-GCC I was using. While I got the new version working (4.3.5), it had removed the old version (4.3.4) and for the past few months I’ve constantly had to ignore warnings about not being able to find include folders.

The error was something like:

"Include path not found" /usr/lib/gcc/avr {version specific etc...}

The fix is pretty simple.  I found the solution here, but I didn’t follow it exactly.  It asks you to delete the following file – I didn’t want to risk losing any workspace settings, so I modified it instead.

  1. Open up your workspace.
  2. Open the file:  ${workspace}/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.make.core/${projectname}.sc
  3. Find all the references to your old library path.  I found three references near the top of the file – simply delete those lines.
  4. Restart Eclipse.
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